About me

I am a historian of Ukraine, Russia and Poland and specialized in the contemporary history of these countries. Currently, I am affiliated with the Netherlands-Russia Centre at the University of Groningen. The Netherlands-Russia Centre operates at the intersection of science, culture and economy.

Subjects of interest for me are the use and misuse of history in Ukraine, Russia and Poland, the relations between church and state and the church history of the Eastern Orthodox Church. I received a doctorate from the University of Groningen in 2020 for my PhD thesis On the Crossroads of History. Politics of History in Ukraine and Questions of Identity in Post-Cold War Europe (1991-2019).

I have also been working on the subject of political and economic relations between Russia and the Netherlands (and Europe as in extension). I also teach some courses on general European contemporary history.

Besides these subjects of interest, I am also interested in the social aspects of Information and Communication Technology, and in Tram- and Railways. These two side interests sometimes also become subjects of my publications and other activities.

You can learn more about my publications, appearances in media and other activities on this website. You are also welcome to contact me using the contact form.